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We develop and produce energy storage and innovative solutions for solar power self-consumption

Guaranteed 100% solar power from your own PV
Power even in case of mains failure
Electricity cost less than 0.1 USD/kWh
Storage capacity easily upgradable
Second life for EV battery

Visit us: We like to show and explain our solutions in daily use in the first European offgrid office building! We do not use any electricity from the grid, we fully rely on our products. 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Benefit from our consulting and from over 10 years experience with lithium batteries!


We always work with local installers. We do also provide planning and project management to help you realize your dream. You get everything from one single source.


We develop and manufacture in Switzerland.

With our products you can install offgrid and grid interactive systems easily and quickly



compact, reliable, expandable

The ready to plug in solution for 100% solar power self-consumption Incl tailored Inverter, Battery management, transfer switch for offgrid operation. Comes stanbdard with ultra long life lithium iron phosphate battery up to 50 kWh.

from 4400 USD

Hint: POWER BOX can give the batteries of your old EV a second life



Energy management of battery assisted solar systems

The heart and brain of the POWER BOX, can manage Photovoltaics up to 500 VDC and Inverters up to 100 A. All essential informations can be displayed in any Browser over WLAN.

from 600 USD


the BMS for ALL batteries

The most flexible battery management system (BMS) of the world. Manages all battery types: Pb, NiMh, Li Ion, LiFePo4. Can measure and balance 7-16 cell voltages. Cell voltage range 0.9-4.4V, battery voltage range 10-60 VDC. Can be daisy chained for higher system voltages.

from 500 USD


Free heat from the sun

can be operated in parallel to POWER BOX or POWER MANAGER directly from your PV panel array. Always operates at maximum efficiency and can control up to 8 heaters. Optionally available with PTC heater elements for fast room heating.

from 700 USD


Heat after sunset

long life, maintenance free storage heater for use with the SOLAR HEAT controller. The special insulation guarantees long lasting heat into the night. Rating from 200 to 1000W.

from 900 USD


warm Water on demand without losses

Flow heater 1-3 kW, replaces or supplements conventional warm water production with boilers and eliminates their heat losses.

from 500 USD


the intelligent power switch

directly integrated in the power cord. It queries the state of charge (SOC) of a POWER BOX and switches power to electrical equipment based on SOC and time, e.g. boilers, circulation pumps. Easily programmable via browser.

from 100 USD


Contact us for an offer tailored to your needs. We look forward to get to know you!

Tel: +41 79 299 14 88


Nordstrasse 2, CH-9469 Haag

Car: Motorway A13, Exit Haag, Main road direction Wildhaus
Public transport: Train to Buchs SG, Bus 300 Direction Altst├Ątten


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